Beautiful Enemy

Beautiful Enemy

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In the vivacious Sevillian Spring Fair, the courageous detective Javier defies death on a heart-pounding mission.

Meanwhile, in the midst of the lively Spanish music and flamenco dancing, the eyes of the charming Fernando fall on Katy, an English animal rights campaigner. There is fire in their eyes as they dance together. 

The next day, Katy is with Javier’s sister, the passionate leader of the anti-bullfighting campaign. Katy is stunned into silence when she sees the bullfighter coming out of the ring. It is Fernando. As fighting breaks out between the animal rights campaigners and the bullfighters the two are left staring at each other. It hits them that they are falling in love with the enemy. 

Katy, not wanting to let her friends down, tries to push Fernando away but seeing how he won’t give up decides to give their love a chance. 

Little does she know that this decision has put her life at risk, as a fiery flamenco singer and former girlfriend of Fernando is determined to win him back and eliminate anyone standing in her way. 

Only Javier, by understanding a horrific clue in the case of a missing girl, can see the danger closing in. In a race against time, he gives everything in one final attempt to save Katy.