Egbert: A Romantic Comedy

Egbert: A Romantic Comedy

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One bright summer, on the sunny island of Mallorca, Egbert, a nerdy ballet teacher with goofy glasses and awful braces, is bursting with love for the girl of his dreams.

She is a carer at the old people’s home where his granny lives. His fat friend Humphrey, a pig-poo cleaner, encourages him to be brave and declare his love.

Egbert’s world is shattered when she introduces him to her unstoppable, powerful millionaire boyfriend, a real estate boss, the terrible Wolfgang.

Distraught, Egbert, seeks help from Gertrude, his super-trendy athletic granny. As she bashes out burpees and pull-ups, she motivates him to fight back and defeat Wolfgang.

Egbert knows that all the odds are against him, but listens to his heart which is burning with beautiful visions of what his future could be with her.

Gertrude rounds up her gang of super-cool grandads and grannies and the battle is on.